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Clerk: Judy Ireland

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Barrister 2009


Bachelor of Laws (Hons. Class 1)


Native Vegetation Disputes
Water Law
Mining & Land Use Disputes
Building / Construction Disputes

National Accredited FDR Practitioner & Mediator

John’s practise has been built, primarily, on meeting the needs of his client’s in rural and regional Australia, such as in Griffith and Wagga, as well as in major cities such as Brisbane and Sydney. John has a passion for working with families and family businesses to resolve disputes in a manner which does not destroy relationships and at a minimum cost. Sometimes resolution of the dispute requires litigation (going to Court), other times Mediation is more appropriate (using a Mediator to guide a settlement rather than going to Court) and in some cases, such as home building disputes, a simple site visit attended by all parties may be an important step to resolving the dispute; the parties that attend can all see the alleged defect and, if appropriate, agree on how the defect should be repaired without the need for an application to the Court (or NCAT).

John has a proven track record in all these dispute resolutions methods. John believes in finding the solution that best meets the needs of his client with the minimum of cost and delay.